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Application Technology - Productivities in Carpet Cleaning

A  question that we are asked often is: with which productivity can I calculate using  this carpet cleaning method when writing up an offer?

It  is plain that there is no unique answer to this question - even if one is considering  just one cleaning method.

The productivity is strongly  dependent from the cleaning technician doing the job and is also influenced by  external factors. In addition one has to consider type and construction of the  carpet, the intensity of soiling, the type of soil or staining and much more.

We  have, however, considered this question and come up with a result that we would  like to present to you in the table below.

These numbers  should be used as a reference, that is, an indication of the magnitude to be considering  - the best numbers to use are those based on your compay's or your own experience.

Tabelle - Produktivitäten der einzelnen Teppichreinigungsverfahren - CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
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