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Dear Customers!

As the year draws to a close we would to take the opportunity to express our thanks:

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for the excellent cooperation, for your positive reactions to some of the changes we made, and for your constructive criticism that came from some of you. That is something that can be used in a positive manner which will lead to the advancement of all of us!

We wish you a happy holiday and a great start into a healthy, peaceful, and successful new year!

CMS 2015 in Berlin - Hydroxyl-Technology

The biennial trade show in Berlin, CMS, took place from September 22 to 25. We were, as we have been since the beginning (almost 20 years, since 1996) represented with our own stand.

It was an opportunity for us to present a number of new products. For one we were able to present something at a trade show which has been in our programm since the beginning of this year: the hydroxyl-generators. We   already presented this novel technology in our issue from December 2014.
The Titan 1000 and Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generators - Odour Neutralization and Control - from CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Figure 1 - The Hydroxyl-Generators Titan 1000 and Titan 4000

The resonance was through and through positive. The experience we were able to gather in this past year shows that this technology does not promise too much. Whether in fire damage restoration or in in-plant rug washing installations: odors disappear without any hazard for humans.

Both in in-plant rug washing and in fire damage restoration the hydroxyl-generator has the positive side-effect that the relative humidity in the treated area is reduced considerably.

That and the fact that one may reside or work in the area that is being treated makes this method of odor neutralization so attractive and a serious alternative to the well- known ozone.

In addition, as another postive factor in favor of hydroxyl-technology, hydroxyl-radicals are not harmful to materials, which is not always the case with ozone (for example at elevated relative humidity!).

Should the level of relative humidity be too low (it should be at least 60% for an effective operation of these generators) we have the Hydroxyl-Maximizer. It is a simple  construction: a bucket with an ultrasound generator which converts water into vapor without heat supply being necessary.

The Hydroxyl-Maximizer is simply placed behind the generator - the water vapor  is sucked in automatically.

Der Hydroxyl-Maximierer für den  Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator - Geruchsneutralisation - von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Figure 2 - The Hydroxyl Maximizer

The use of the Hydroxyl-Maximizer is necessary especially with the bigger model, the Titan 4000. For that reason it is included in the package when buying the Titan 4000.

We will glady send you our brochure upon request.  However, you may also scan the QR code below to view it on your tablet or smartphone.

CMS 2015 in Berlin - The Limporo Product Line
Having introduced the surfactant-free product Limporo four years ago, a cleaner for hard floors especially           effective on fine stoneware, customer feedback led to the kickoff of development of an acidic and an alkaline        version.

After extensive testing we were now proud to present our successful product Limporo together with its acidic and alkaline partners at the CMS 2015 as the Limporo Product Line.
Die Limporo Produktreihe - Feinsteinzeugfliesenreiniger über das gesamt pH-Spektrum - von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Figure 3 - The Limporo Product Line

Limporo is the ideal product for daily maintenance cleaning especially when confronted with the cleaning of fine stoneware - in this case the unique combination of active ingredients without surfactants is optimal: they penetrate, lossen soil and dirt and pull it out of the pores. In combination with a suitable microfiber pad the result is        excellent.

For hard cases, be they tough scale buildup in sanitary installations or greasy, oily dirt, we have the acidic alternative, Limporo - S, and the alkaline alternative, Limporo - A, respectively.

With low pH and the same technology as employed in       Limporo extremely dirty and scaly surfaces are restored to cleanliness.

The same is achieved with our Limporo - A using a high pH. Extreme dirt, even of the greasy and oily variety, are no problem thanks to the alkalinity.

Instead of relying on surfactants these three products employ special ingredients that make the Limporo-    Technology possible: surfactant-free pore-deep cleanliness!

Of course these products may also be used on other resistant surfaces. Their advantage: theyare foam-free and more easily rinsed off because they do not contain surfactants!

Scan this QR code in order to be able to view the product data sheets for all three products!

CMS 2015 in Berlin - Kill Odor® S

After fire damage it is a great relief for the affected persons if the unpleasant smell, also connected to the trauma is relieved. We developed our Kill Odor® S especially for this purpose.
Kill Odor® S - der neue Geruchsneutralisator - von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Figure 4 - Kill Odor® S - for quick odor control

It creates immediate relief but may also be used after the cleanup job is done because the psyche may not delete everything and the odor still seems to be present -  Kill Odor® S can help!
Price Increase
Since April 1, 2014, we have not made any price adjustments and the ones made then only affected machines and other products we do not manufacture ourselves.

The prices of our products have not been adjusted since the beginning of 2012. Unfortunately we were no longer able to keep these prices at that level and had to make an increase.

As of January 1, 2016, all prices of products we manufacture will increase by 2.9%. A corresponding pricelist will be available as of that date.
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