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Application Technology - Filtration Soil in Carpets - New Insights

We have treated this subject in one of our previous issues (see the article "Filtration Soil in Carpets" in this section).

Since then we have had new insights into this problem which are helpful in making it easier to remove.

The streaks that arise from filtration soil - between the carpet and the baseboard or skirt board, between the threshold from one room to the next, consist of very fine aerosol dust. Movement in the air caused by temperature differences, vibrations, etc. cause this soil to be transported in the air and the carpet acts like a filter, holding it back.

Since we are dealing with very fine dust the forces that are involved in causing an adsorption (binding) of the dust to the surface of the carpet fibers are relatively strong, which makes it more difficult to remove them.

In addition we have to account for the fact that this dust ist not always just dust but may also contain residues from kitchen emissions or tobacco smoke, making the aerosol dust greasy or sticky and therefore even more difficult to remove.

This makes it unavoidable to consider both factors when making the attempt to remove the filtration soil. As a consequence, one product alone will not do the job sucessfully.

We have two products in our program which are ideally suited for attacking and solving this problem. On the one hand our Spot-Solv, a stain remover on a solvent basis whose combination of solvents allows for the removal of the greasy components plus assisting on breaking up the forces just mentioned, which keep the dust attached to the fiber.

For the final removal of the soil our second product moves into focus: Spray Brite. This universal carpet cleaner has proven itself to be the right product for this purpose. The aerosol dust is removed as are any residues from our Spot-Solv. Since both products do not contain surfactants and Spray Brite additionally contains ingredients that work against resoiling the filtration soil will be even easier to remove next time around!
Spot-Solv und Spray Brite - die starken Zwei gegen Filtrationsstreifen - von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
Our powerful duo against filtration soil.
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