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Application Technology - Enzymatic Products for Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Enzymes are a necessity for human life. They help  our metabolism to function by catalyzing many biochemical reactions in the human body. Without enzymes our bodies would not function. It is their catalytic ability that has made enzymes so useful in the chemical industry, be it bleaching jeans, making wine, foodstuff for livestock or helping the cleaning industry.
In Germany enzymes have had a continual growth in the laundry detergent industry. Since saving energy has been a big issue, economical as well as political, research and development  was emphasized. The result has been exemplary: clothes that had to be washed at 140°F now only need to be washed at 104°F. The whites, which were usually exposed to near boiling temperatures now need only be washed at 140°F with development pushing towards the 104°F mark. These accomplishments were possible due in the main part to enzymes and their improvement in the last twenty years.

Of course not only the laundry detergent manufacturers saw enzymes as a possibility to improve product performance. In the cleaning industry enzymes are useful as substitutes for "harder" ingredients. Grease removal, for example, is possible by saponifying it with the help of highly alkaline products, emulsifying it with emulsifiers that are seldomly 100% biodegradable or by using enzymes that break the fat down into watersoluble components. Enzymes seem the logical choice, as they are more user friendly as well as kinder to the environment.

CEBE has used enzymes in its product for over thirty years now. In these thirty years the quality and effectiveness of enzymes has improved greatly. However, the greatest challenge lay elsewhere: in the past most enzymatic products were in powdered form. This had to do with the stability of the enzymes when stored in a liquid medium. This problem was overcome over ten years ago, so it was possible to formulate liquid enzyme products, spreading their use.

The next challenge was to increase the number of enzymes used in a product. Enzymes are very specific: one type destroys fatty substances, the other starch-containing substances and the next protein-based substances. So why not just combine these in one product? Simple: enzymes are proteins, therefore the protein - degrading enzyme will attack all other enzymes and break them down, making them useless. This challenge has been overcome to a certain extent: it is possible to buffer two enzymes from one another in a liquid medium, without a great loss of performance over a shelf-life of on average one year. The problem, however, is that for every situation you need a different product: you don't use a shampoo when extraction-cleaning a carpet and vice versa. You don´t use a shampoo when bonnet buffing a carpet either. This means that for each product extensive research and testing is required in order to determine the stability of the enzymes and the effectiveness of the product.

The latest developments, after a Bonnet Buffer with two active enzymes, Tapi Bonnet, was put on the market five years ago, and a degreaser with high-protein dissolving power, Cebazym, again using two enzymes, was put on the market four years ago, are Enzyme Shampoo - liquid and BioGreen - liquid, a carpet and upholstery - shampoo and - extraction cleaner, respectively.

Enzyme Shampoo - liquid is designed to fight even the toughest dirt. With its enzyme action protein and grease- based stains are no problem, making it suitable for use in hotels, restaurants and dining halls. In addition this product has an extremely stable and dry foam making it ideal for use in foam generators for the Dry-Foam-Method. Its properties do not affect resoiling in a negative manner. BioGreen - liquid does not clean through a high pH as many do, it uses a combination of enzymes and other environmentally friendly actives to obtain an even better result. The multiple enzymes ensure protein, starch and fat-based stain removal. Due to the neutral pH BioGreen - liquid may be used on any fiber or upholstery material giving it allround use.

Tapi Bonnet is a residue free Bonnet Pad cleaner which enbsures a highly effective cleaning due to the two enzymes used in its formulation, especially in areas where food is consumed (gastronomy).
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