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Application Technology - Color-Safe Bleaches

Hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and sodium perborate are all oxygen-based bleaches.

They are generally regarded as colour-safe and brighten colours by bleaching soil, dirt and stains thereby having an colour lightening and brightening effect on carpets and textiles.

Sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate are both powders that decompose when they are dissolved in water and form hydrogen peroxide in the process. This hydrogen peroxide in turn decomposes into water and oxygen which is released in the process.

The shelf-life especially of liquid products containing these ingredients is limited. This is improved by the addition of stabilizers which are used in our products DriOx, DriOx Ultra, Kill Odor® OX, Kill Odor® OXP, LemonOx and OrangeOx.

As soon as these products are diluted the hydrogen peroxide contained in these products begins to decompose. This process is also initiated when a product containing hydrogen peroxide is exposed to impurities such as dust.

Products that contain active oxygen should be used with care as the oxygen may corrode metals with time.
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