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Application Technology - Cleaning Berber Rugs

The share of berber rugs has increased over the last few years and has therefore become a substantial part of the rug that one gets to clean as an in-plant rug cleaner.

Berber  rugs typically consist of dense, high wool fibres in their pile. These give the  berber rug a high degree of comfort which is the main reason for its share having  grown in the past.

For the in-plant cleaner berber rugs are often difficult to clean because the dense, high wool has an enormous potential  for storing soil. Just washing the rug thoroughly is often not enough, if one  wants to achieve a good result.

The key to success is the dry removal of loose dirt - the more dirt can be removed with this method, the less has to be removed when the rug is washed.

This loose removal  of soil can be achieved in different ways. One way is to use a powerful brush vacuum, like our CEBE Pilelifter. An even better method would be to run the rug  through a dust removal machine. We have a machine like this in our programme as  well. Of course the purchase of such a machine is dependent on the volume of rugs  washed on a regular basis.

After the removal of loose dirt  the actual wet cleaning is the next step in order to remove any remaining dirt  and staining substances.

For this purpose we have our product  Berber Wash Shampoo.This product has been adjusted to the characteristics of the  wool in berber rugs. A removal of the natural fat contained in wool only takes  place in a limited fashion. An ingredient that has regreasing properties alleviates  the degreasing effect and restores the wools fat balance.

The  problem of yellowing, which may occur occasionally after drying berber rugs, is  counteracted with our product Rx for Browning. This special oxygen bleach with  an activator bleaches these yellowings away during the washing and drying process.

A 10 litre solution of Berber Wash Shampoo is prepared and one measuring cup each  of the two components contained in Rx for Browning is added. The berber rug is  shampood with this solution using a single or three brush rotary machine.

After  shampooing the shampoo is removed with an extraction machine followed by rinsing and extraction with water or it is rinsed directly with water followed by spin  draining in a special spin drainer. We have a solution for both procedures.

Should a fabric softening effect be desired after washing our product Tapi Soft can be applied on the berber rug after rinsing using a watering can. After application and a short working time the rug is extracted or spin drained.

After drying the berber rug should be brushed up properly using the Carpet Broom.
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