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CEBE NEWS Vol. 18, Nr.1, August 2017

Dear Customers,

Our first edition of this year’s newsletter is a little late in being published as you will note. However, it is still out in time to point out to you that the trade show CMS will be taking place in Berlin this year.

This year’s CMS will put even more focus on digitalization as one would have thought two years ago but the “Zukunftsforum“ held by the German trade journal “rationell reinigen“ and the German national association for building contractors showed how rapidly things are developing and how important it is for everyone to place importance in this area so as not to be left behind eating the dust so to speak.

This does not mean that everyone has to use all of these things. No, but everyone should inform themselves about these developments and then assess as to what and how much is suitable for implementation in their life.

For all those interested in this area another tidbit of information: during the CMS the world congress oft he World Federation of Building Service Contractors is taking place. The program may be looked at under – it is worth investing the time and money to attend this congress.

We will also not only be at the CMS as an exhibitor as always in the past but we will also be participating in this world congress.

On the one hand it will be a learning experience to listen to the presentations and discussions and on the other hand it is an opportunity to network with professionals from the cleaning industry from all over the world.

We look forward to greeting you in Berlin!

Your CEBE Team.

Biocide Regulation makes a grab

Since the year 1998 the Biocide Regulation Guideline has been in effect. It is now pulling at the reins and since this has been so the changes are beginning to manifest themselves.

At the beginning this guideline was just more bureaucracy with which manufacturers of the active ingredients and the biocidal products found themselves confronted with. But even back then the indication as to the final consequence of this regulation would be was evident: a large part of the active ingredients that had been catalogued were classified as not economically feasible and immediately found themselves in the phase-out stage. So separating the spruce from the corn was more or less effected at a very early stage of the regulation process. However, the main goal of the commission was not a separation with regards to quality – the manufacturers were more or less forced to make a decision solely based on economical criteria, that is, not whether the active ingredient was better than others but simply because it sold better than the others.

In this phase of the regulation a lot happened backstage but on stage the consumer did not become aware of anything. He was more involved with facing the consequences of REACh and CLP in the last couple of years which led to harmonization on a global scale but also to more bureaucracy.

This backstage acting is over. Manufacturers had to make a decision about what they want and the consequences of these decisions will have earthquake magnitude. The reduction to only a relatively small amount of active biocidal ingredients that are being produced by a handful of manufacturers and that are used for the production, marketing, and sale of biocidal products by only a small number of large, not small or mid-sized, corporations is the final result of this regulation process.

For us as a small corporation it was clear from the beginning where this regulation process would take us namely a dead end in regards to biocides. As a result we have used the last years to either change the formulation of our products or to change the focus as many of our products have more than one purpose and effect.

You will find that much has been altered in regards to our website, catalog, brochures, data sheets, and labels – for the above mentioned reasons.

We want to point out, dear customers, that we do not have any biocides in our program – at this point in time we are in contact with some large manufacturers regarding the possibility of selling one of their products under their label, but more regarding this when the time is ripe.

Should you as a service company be required to or want to carry out a disinfection then you should, no have, to be aware of the fact that you can only use products which have been registered, approved, and are suited for the specific purpose.

For you this is an additional burden and for us it is a limitation and inhibition of our flexibility with which we have not only managed to establish ourselves on the market but have also gained a reputation over the decades. However, we had no alternative. We will dedicate our resources to the development of other innovations in order to offer you the right solution to the cleaning problem you have.

At this point we would like to remind you that quite a bit of information has changed in all our informative media and it would be worth your while to take a look as to what these changes are.

CMS 2017 in Berlin

As we had already mentioned, the CMS will take place from September 19 to 22 in Berlin.

We would be happy to be able to greet you on our stand and you can in turn look forward to seeing a slightly altered setup of our stand.

Of course our motto regarding the solution of cleaning problems is still paramount to us:

actually the stand will be completely focused on this.

We will be presenting a number of solutions to cleaning problems of all types.

One thing up front: the CS Box, which we presented at the end of last year, will have its own stage!
Die Titan 1000 und Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generatoren - Geruchsneutralisation - von der CEBE Reinigungschemie GmbH
The CS Box

The CS Box is a collection of products we put together in order for you to be able to clean and decontaminate most surfaces. The products and their application areas are listed below:

1. Product for odor control on surfaces: Wet Fog - Mint for odor control as a measure for first relief.

2. Product for stain removal on textile flooring and upholstery: BioFresh as a stain remover and odor neutralizer.

3. Product for cleaning textile flooring and uphol-
stery: BioGreen as an extraction cleaner.

4. Product for the decontamination of surfaces and for odor control: Kill Odor® OX.

5. Products for the decontamination of porous surfaces and undergrounds: DriOx and DF 19.

6. Products for the cleaning and odor control of surfaces: LemonOx and OrangeOx

Additionally the CS Box contains a powerful UV Light which enables its user to see contaminations which would remain hidden in plain daylight. This leads to a more thorough, efficient and successful cleaning of all affected areas.

All of these components are contained in the handy, light, professional plastic box.
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